Friday, October 29, 2010

grass fed sweet dreams

I was having a conversation with my hubby over dinner about a presentation he is doing regarding LSD and any mental illnesses connected to that...etc.etc...(he is going to school to be a therapist).

We started talking about the couple of disorders someone could be diagnosed with and then I remembered this odd thought that had crossed my mind a couple of days ago...

...totally off topic...but you know that sociopath's may have started out as kids who did horrible things to animals. So, I was thinking about all the people who work in slaughter houses and their job is to do horrible things to animals.

I eat this is not a vegetarian thing, this is just how my over tired brain works...but think about all of those people, thousands, maybe tens of thousands, who work in the most horrible conditions where they themselves and the animals are treated inhumanely. How this must wear on them physically, emotionally, spiritually! I can't imagine killing animals once, let alone every day...hundreds or thousands per day.

So, we have this 'system' that removes us from our food to a degree that we have no clue what's going on and most people don't want to have a clue. Then we have people who work in terrible conditions and do terrible things to animals (which if they were kids we would classify them as mentally ill). How much 'mental programing' has to go into this system to make it work. Programming people to be able to treat animals in terrible ways. This system has had to 'program' these people to a certain degree to get them to be okay with this enough that they will perform this work day after day. To top it off, the food is also so sick that it has to be cleansed in major chemicals before it is 'fit' for any of us to eat.

It's a sick cycle..sick system, sick people, sick animals, sick food. So, now that I am done barfing...I am back to pondering what the hell happened!

I do think that if I was forced to farm for my own food, I would eat a lot different. Even if I had a lovely farm, with free range, grass fed animals...treating animals in a healthy and 'humane' way, I would still have a very difficult time killing them so that I could eat meat. I would probably just eat eggs and hopefully have a river or something for fish.

There are so many worthy causes to get fired up about...and I promise not to blog about all of them, but I am really hung up on this.

For now...,enjoy a grass fed burger and sweet dreams!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cage free

SO...this isn't a post about babies. I have about 30 half written blogs about baby related stuff saved that I could work on finishing, but decided that I felt like writing about something else today.

I am mad. Mad at the way our food is advertised. It is our job as consumers to be aware, do our research and make sure what we eat is what we want. However, other areas, like the safety of our food, or the honesty of labeling should be provided by the FDA...shouldn't it??? I understand advertising, but this one really pisses me off.

There are MANY areas of this particular issue that I could share my bitterness about, but I will keep it to the 'cage free' issue today.

Hopefully you have noticed at your grocery store that there are many egg mention a few you have available: traditionally 'raised' eggs, cage free and free range. Cage free sounds like a good thing. At first thought, eggs that were provided by a chicken not raised in a cage sounds like a much better situation than one where the chick was was raised in a cage. Cages sound cruel and awful. If you have ever read any books or seen any documentaries on how animals used for food are treated, you have seen(or read) the disgusting images or chickens in cases. So, you ask, where is the issue? Why am I writing about this? Cage free good, right?


Cage free is just a giant cage. It's a dark and dank metal shed. It's just another over-crowded, filthy and inhumane way to raise chickens. If you don't care about the cage thing, then buy the cheaper traditionally raised eggs. Save yourself the money. If you do care how chickens are raised, buy free range (or don't eat eggs...but I do like eggs). Free range is the only option where chickens get to roam around, stretch their lil' chicken legs, get fresh air and sunshine.

Rent or Netflix "Food Inc." if you want details on this and much more. Make the world a better and healthier place for our children.

Sweet dreams friends.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dean 'dancing'

So, I have started 15 or so blog posts in the past few months and can't seem to find the time to get any of them completed...but in the meantime, attached is a video of my babe dancing in the car. Enjoy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

the diaper battle

Cloth diapers...what images pop in your mind...the old folded up cotton rectangle with the pins and the rubber bottoms?

Today's cloth diapers are so different.

I have had a lot of conversations about cloth diapers lately. Some people love them, hate them, scared of them, misinformed about them...i feel like it will soon be the new taboo topic you don't bring up in 'polite'

Lots of chats over the past few months about cloth diapers and wanted to share some of the experiences we have had and the research we have done.

1 - cloth diapers are not for everyone (anyone can do it, but if they make you miserable, use what works for you)
2 - hybrids rock as an alternative (ie: G Diapers), if cloth scares you, but disposables scare you too (waste, pollution, chemicals on the babes' bum, etc), try a hybrid
3 - there are companies that will let you try out a variety of cloth options, before you commit to buying a whole set of them
4 - cloth is cheaper
5 - cloth uses less resources than disposables and one set can be used on the next babe, if there is a next babe...and the next one and so on
6 - cloth is better for the sensitive baby bum
7 - cloth is more work than disposables and totally worth it
8 - cloth uses more water, but not a lot more, and less resources overall
9 - cloth is easy to use

The facts (Statistics provided by the Real Diaper Association):

Cost of Disposables
The average baby will use approximately 6,000 diapers in the first 2 yrs of life.
Based on the average cost of 25.5 cents/diaper, diapering with disposables will cost about $1600 ($66.00 per month) to diaper for 2 years, excluding the cost of disposable wipes. Imagine having more than one child in diapers at a time and the costs skyrocket.

Cost of a Diaper Service
Using the estimate of 60 diapers per week, the average cost of using a diaper service would be approximately $15.00/week. That equals $780.00 annually and about $65.00/month. Over the course of 2 years, a family would spend about $1500.00 per baby for a Diaper Service.

Cost of Cloth Diapers - (not diaper service)
Pending what you buy, the average is about $16 per diaper with all the components and buying 2 dozen will cost less than $400. That's it. $400 for the entire diapering process with your babe! Financially smart, good for the environment and healthy for the babe.

We did not plan on using cloth diapers. We had friends who did and showed us how easy it was and that led us to do more of our own research. The facts are hard to ignore. We have been using cloth since Dean was one month old. His diaper rash cleared up immediately and with the type of diaper we picked, they grow with him. The diapers are one size fits all and they adjust as he grows. They will fit him until he is potty trained.

There are many different kinds of cloth diapers to choose from. We use pocket diapers because they seemed the easiest way to go for us. We also use cloth wipes and then wash them all together (any soft washcloths dedicated for use as baby wipes will do), so there is no need to have a monthly expense of wipes either.

Look up the chemicals used in cloth diapers, the petroleum that is used and wasted, the wood that is used and wasted, the waste in the packaging, the resources used for shipping. Toxic chemicals are in a product that is on a babies skin 24/7, for 2 years. Add that to the landfill these diapers will live in for 500 years before they break down.

Interesting info on:

Some of my favorite diapers: - check out their swim diapers, so cute!

Happy Diapering.

And...sweet dreams

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The bag is packed, the baby is fed, now where can we go?

So...the baby is ready to go, he's fed, changed, and content. His diaper bag is packed and I am as ready as I can be with a busy baby. I am ready to get out of the house and yet there is really nowhere to go. Does anyone else have this issue, or is it just me?

For my own sanity I must get out of the house everyday.

So, we go for a walk, we go to the mall, we run errands or whatever. And then what? I am part of three play groups. I go to church, not that I have made it there very often lately, and I am on a running team, not that I have made it out for a run with them very often...but still, I have enough social outlets that I should be 'covered', right?

I wish!

I wish I was one of those parents who could hang out at home with their kid and just be content at home all day. The evenings are not much better, my hubby isn't home much because after work he is at school.

I love Balboa and we go there all the time, but there are only so many days a week I can walk the same area. I love the zoo, but there are only so many days I can walk the zoo. I love going to parks, but the babe can't do a heck of a lot at the park. He can balance in the baby swings and stare at other kids play, so that is only fun for so long.

Are there other parents out there who feel the same way, or do I need a 'need more stuff to do with a cranky baby' support group? lol. just need to reply on my actual need for support groups, thanks. hee hee.

However, next week, he could be crawling and taking regular naps and I will be set with chasing him around and down time/me time! Stranger things have happened.

Until then, sweet dreams!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sleep, how I miss you my friend long lost friend. Where did you go? Why did you desert me?

I have cherished you for many many years and now, when I need you most, you disappear.

My wonderful, awesome son has decided that sleep is evil and must therefore be detroyed...hee hee.

I understood that there would be sleepless nights with our new baby. Scratch that...I thought I understood that. Now I GET it.

I had no idea it would be like this. This amazing, beautiful creature has been left to my care and I love him so much that it's impossible to describe, yet, I am so beside myself some days/nights due to lack of sleep that I wonder how I will go on (drama, I know!).

He was on a roll, I thought. He was getting into a wonderful groove. He was taking few naps, but he was getting in to a groove over night...but was averaging just two awakenings per night. Sure I wanted more sleep, but I felt semi-normal, semi-rested. Then about 6 weeks ago, a sleep sucking monster possessed my baby and he has decided that napping for 10 minutes is enough and waking every 1-2 hours over night is good. I have now had to pull my Husband into the overnight game of baby tending and now he is turning into a zombie parent too.

I hear he's going through a 6 month growth spurt, he is also teething. I have heard it will pass and hang in there. I love all the awesome support and love from friends and family...but oh boy, do I wish my Mom lived nearby and could watch him overnight once and a while so I could sleep. I am TRYING to be as positive as possible. But it's tough. I have never felt so run down or so unlike my usual self. I had no idea that sleep deprivation would leak into all the areas of my life and make me crazy (or more crazy) than normal. I think it's aging me too...ugh. Any recommendations on great night cream?

So...we are choosing to wait it out, pray and love on our kid when we feel like screaming. What else can you do? I am reading every book on sleep out there and have found a bunch of stuff I can't stomach. I think the 'cry it out' method is crap. The gentler stuff is nice to read but doesn't offer much help. I just got the baby whisperer and am hoping to find some pearls of wisdom in that.

I have been hearing that routines is the ticket. Routines...babies on a routine. Does that really work for babies like mine? I am starting to think that when people talk about routines, they have a baby that easily slept and so a routine was easy. I have a baby that fights against anything I try to do on a routine basis other than nursing and am not able to nurse on a schedule either. I think the whisperer book is all about we'll see if I can do it and if the babe can follow.

Some day...soon I hope...I will get to snuggle into bed and get some real sleep and wake up refreshed. A girl can dream can't she!

Until then...sweet dreams!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Martini's and Sushi

SO...I used to have this life...not a big life, but my life. I had a career, went to yoga, made meals, went out for sushi and martini's, ran long distances, window shopped with friends...etc and had all these dreams of all the other things I would to do when:

I had more time
I had more money
I had less stress

NOW...I have this amazing baby and we have less money, time and more stress...ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

I can hardly remember what it was like before and am kicking myself for not going to Europe already and taking more trips and buying this 'too small' condo and being strapped with the overpriced mortgage way too soon and not getting my masters degree yet, and on and on.

However, now I can still do those things, they will just have to be very intentional. No more waiting for that perfect timing. I am thinking this is one of the many gifts of being a I really know (as if I didn't 'know' before) that nothing in life is going to happen with perfect timing or perfect planning (or in many cases anything remotely resembling perfect timing). Everything will simply get put off if I continue to wait for perfect timing.

So for this small moment, I am going to say 'good bye' to my old stand by of trying to be perfectly planned...maybe it will stick?

I wish naps and sushi dreams for you. Sweet dreams.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Stinky chins

Caring for the baby. The basics are simple, not easy, but simple. However, some of the required care is more challenging to me.

In my case, my kiddo has no neck and three chins (totally underfed...hee hee). It seems that no matter how many baths he gets, he still has 'the stink' in between the neck rolls. I try so hard to get in between those adorable little rolls to clean him properly, but I must keep missing some stinky spot.

I would LOVE to know if any one has a trick for getting this done well.

I am thinking of maybe getting out the washcloth during tummy time.

Happy Friday. I hope you have sweet dreams tonight!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blood! baby has a new favorite hobby...making himself bleed!

I was holding him the other day and noticed blood on my shirt, at my waist. I shrieked, "what the hell is that from?" And when I laid my babe down, I saw that he had scratched his shin. He had a few fresh marks. Nice. He is always grabbing his shins when I change him. I need 4 arms to keep him from scratching himself during a changing. Ugh. I trim his nails, I file his nails...what's the deal??? No matter how much I manicure, he nails are still sharp.

Then yesterday, I get up with him for a 4 am feeding and see 4 scrapes on his scalp that are still wet with blood. He had used his entire hand (minus the thumb) to make this pattern of cuts on his head. Then I notice blood on his crib sheet too...what the hell!

He had 'escaped' from his swaddle and went to town on his head. Now I have to put mittens on the kiddo and then swaddle him and hope that will hold so he doesn't scalp himself.

Anyone else had this issue? Any advice on what to do?

Friday, January 1, 2010

How much stuff do we really need to pack for an overnight with a baby!!!!

So...we finally ventured out for our first overnight with our lil' guy. We had grand plans for a drive up the coast...for a week...all these different stops plotted out and then realized that we have almost no traveling money and even less energy, so we opted to do an overnight in Julian instead.

We love Julian and thought it would be festive.
So...we go to pack our things. We gave ourselves TWO hours to pack and thought that would be plenty, ha!

It's an overnight, right. How much stuff do we really need and how long would it really take to pack our little car?

Then the insanity began. We start with the seat and diapers. We use cloth, so the diapers take up an entire duffle bag. Then we have plenty of clothes incase of leaks, blowouts and such. Then blankets and back up blankets. Then bedding for the co sleeper and back up bedding...okay another suitcase. Then we have our own clothes and extras incase he leaks or has a blow out on us. Then it's the pump, just in case...and then toys, spit rags, wipes, lotion, socks, hats, carrier...and so on and so on.

FOUR hours later, and one, make that two feedings later, we are heading out the door.

All of this for one night. We would need a bus to go on the original trip we had planned. I can't even imagine flying with the baby. How do you do this??? I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Anyway, we had a great trip, despite the overly packed car and my worrisome brain working overtime spinning in 'what if' land.

The bed and breakfast was nice. The room was big, very comfortable, nicely appointed and relaxing! Yay! The owners were so nice and great cooks. The baby slept-ish and didn't cry all night so we didn't have to worry about the other people in the b&b hearing him, phew! And we didn't hear them either, so we could sleep.

We actually slept and relaxed and had a nice time! Woo hoo!

I can't say enough how great it was to get out of our house. Something about being away from the dishes, bills, laundry, etc, made everything better.

Even though packing was silly and and made us cringe and then laugh when we could barely fit ourselves in the car, I think we learned a good lesson...get the hell out of the house more often, pack the whole flipping house if you have to, but take a break now and again!