Sunday, December 30, 2012


On Christmas night, I started to write this.... Tonight, as my dear son sleeps and I am totally restless and dreaming of what I want Christmas to be like for our family now and in years to come...I am reminded of all I am grateful for. I am so thankful for my son. He is the most amazing and precious blessing from God. No matter where we live, who we celebrate this holiday with or what transitional seas we are steering our ship through, our life is good and getting better all the time. I am blessed. Although my family and friends are spread out across the country and I wish I could have them all in one place, I am grateful for the family and friends I do get to celebrate with. I am grateful for the friends I hear from and get notes from. I am grateful for the friends I have not heard from. The memories and experiences of the past and present enrich my life. Most of my family and friends are healthy and thriving. I have received so much love and support. I am supremely happy for quality time, hugs, and wise counsel from loving family and friends. I am blessed. Although the gifts and toys are scattered around in our space, and no matter how many times I clean...the toys, art supplies and endless piles of books and movies are never tidy and neat...I am grateful for our abundant life. The year has brought us an overflowing of generosity and gifts. We have more than plenty and all of our needs are cared for. I am blessed. Although I fall short of my ideals and sometimes veer from the path that I do my best to walk on, I am grateful for second and fifteenth and 10,000th chances to try again. I am grateful that I am not a finished product. As wise friends have shared with me in the past, each experience in my life gives me more opportunities to work on 'it' yet again...whatever that 'it' is at that moment. What I haven't tackled in the past, will undoubtedly show itself again, giving me a chance to learn and grow. I pray I learn and grow, lol. Onward and upward! I am blessed. This has been a holiday, a season, and a year of awareness. I am sure that many more opportunities for awareness will arise, giving rise to more opportunity for learning, growth, change and improvement. I am grateful that I am lucky enough to have a higher power in my life. I am so blessed. My good vibes, positive thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray we all clearly see and embrace the blessings in our lives and look forward to a healthy, happy and amazing new year. We are all so blessed. Sweet dreams and much gratitude.