Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The bag is packed, the baby is fed, now where can we go?

So...the baby is ready to go, he's fed, changed, and content. His diaper bag is packed and I am as ready as I can be with a busy baby. I am ready to get out of the house and yet there is really nowhere to go. Does anyone else have this issue, or is it just me?

For my own sanity I must get out of the house everyday.

So, we go for a walk, we go to the mall, we run errands or whatever. And then what? I am part of three play groups. I go to church, not that I have made it there very often lately, and I am on a running team, not that I have made it out for a run with them very often...but still, I have enough social outlets that I should be 'covered', right?

I wish!

I wish I was one of those parents who could hang out at home with their kid and just be content at home all day. The evenings are not much better, my hubby isn't home much because after work he is at school.

I love Balboa and we go there all the time, but there are only so many days a week I can walk the same area. I love the zoo, but there are only so many days I can walk the zoo. I love going to parks, but the babe can't do a heck of a lot at the park. He can balance in the baby swings and stare at other kids play, so that is only fun for so long.

Are there other parents out there who feel the same way, or do I need a 'need more stuff to do with a cranky baby' support group? lol. just rhetorical...no need to reply on my actual need for support groups, thanks. hee hee.

However, next week, he could be crawling and taking regular naps and I will be set with chasing him around and down time/me time! Stranger things have happened.

Until then, sweet dreams!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sleep, how I miss you my friend

Sleep...my long lost friend. Where did you go? Why did you desert me?

I have cherished you for many many years and now, when I need you most, you disappear.

My wonderful, awesome son has decided that sleep is evil and must therefore be detroyed...hee hee.

I understood that there would be sleepless nights with our new baby. Scratch that...I thought I understood that. Now I GET it.

I had no idea it would be like this. This amazing, beautiful creature has been left to my care and I love him so much that it's impossible to describe, yet, I am so beside myself some days/nights due to lack of sleep that I wonder how I will go on (drama, I know!).

He was on a roll, I thought. He was getting into a wonderful groove. He was taking few naps, but he was getting in to a groove over night...but was averaging just two awakenings per night. Sure I wanted more sleep, but I felt semi-normal, semi-rested. Then about 6 weeks ago, a sleep sucking monster possessed my baby and he has decided that napping for 10 minutes is enough and waking every 1-2 hours over night is good. I have now had to pull my Husband into the overnight game of baby tending and now he is turning into a zombie parent too.

I hear he's going through a 6 month growth spurt, he is also teething. I have heard it will pass and hang in there. I love all the awesome support and love from friends and family...but oh boy, do I wish my Mom lived nearby and could watch him overnight once and a while so I could sleep. I am TRYING to be as positive as possible. But it's tough. I have never felt so run down or so unlike my usual self. I had no idea that sleep deprivation would leak into all the areas of my life and make me crazy (or more crazy) than normal. I think it's aging me too...ugh. Any recommendations on great night cream?

So...we are choosing to wait it out, pray and love on our kid when we feel like screaming. What else can you do? I am reading every book on sleep out there and have found a bunch of stuff I can't stomach. I think the 'cry it out' method is crap. The gentler stuff is nice to read but doesn't offer much help. I just got the baby whisperer and am hoping to find some pearls of wisdom in that.

I have been hearing that routines is the ticket. Routines...babies on a routine. Does that really work for babies like mine? I am starting to think that when people talk about routines, they have a baby that easily slept and so a routine was easy. I have a baby that fights against anything I try to do on a routine basis other than nursing and am not able to nurse on a schedule either. I think the whisperer book is all about routines...so we'll see if I can do it and if the babe can follow.

Some day...soon I hope...I will get to snuggle into bed and get some real sleep and wake up refreshed. A girl can dream can't she!

Until then...sweet dreams!