Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So...my baby has a new favorite hobby...making himself bleed!

I was holding him the other day and noticed blood on my shirt, at my waist. I shrieked, "what the hell is that from?" And when I laid my babe down, I saw that he had scratched his shin. He had a few fresh marks. Nice. He is always grabbing his shins when I change him. I need 4 arms to keep him from scratching himself during a changing. Ugh. I trim his nails, I file his nails...what's the deal??? No matter how much I manicure, he nails are still sharp.

Then yesterday, I get up with him for a 4 am feeding and see 4 scrapes on his scalp that are still wet with blood. He had used his entire hand (minus the thumb) to make this pattern of cuts on his head. Then I notice blood on his crib sheet too...what the hell!

He had 'escaped' from his swaddle and went to town on his head. Now I have to put mittens on the kiddo and then swaddle him and hope that will hold so he doesn't scalp himself.

Anyone else had this issue? Any advice on what to do?

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