Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cage free

SO...this isn't a post about babies. I have about 30 half written blogs about baby related stuff saved that I could work on finishing, but decided that I felt like writing about something else today.

I am mad. Mad at the way our food is advertised. It is our job as consumers to be aware, do our research and make sure what we eat is what we want. However, other areas, like the safety of our food, or the honesty of labeling should be provided by the FDA...shouldn't it??? I understand advertising, but this one really pisses me off.

There are MANY areas of this particular issue that I could share my bitterness about, but I will keep it to the 'cage free' issue today.

Hopefully you have noticed at your grocery store that there are many egg options...to mention a few you have available: traditionally 'raised' eggs, cage free and free range. Cage free sounds like a good thing. At first thought, eggs that were provided by a chicken not raised in a cage sounds like a much better situation than one where the chick was was raised in a cage. Cages sound cruel and awful. If you have ever read any books or seen any documentaries on how animals used for food are treated, you have seen(or read) the disgusting images or chickens in cases. So, you ask, where is the issue? Why am I writing about this? Cage free good, right?


Cage free is just a giant cage. It's a dark and dank metal shed. It's just another over-crowded, filthy and inhumane way to raise chickens. If you don't care about the cage thing, then buy the cheaper traditionally raised eggs. Save yourself the money. If you do care how chickens are raised, buy free range (or don't eat eggs...but I do like eggs). Free range is the only option where chickens get to roam around, stretch their lil' chicken legs, get fresh air and sunshine.

Rent or Netflix "Food Inc." if you want details on this and much more. Make the world a better and healthier place for our children.

Sweet dreams friends.

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