Friday, February 12, 2010

Martini's and Sushi

SO...I used to have this life...not a big life, but my life. I had a career, went to yoga, made meals, went out for sushi and martini's, ran long distances, window shopped with friends...etc and had all these dreams of all the other things I would to do when:

I had more time
I had more money
I had less stress

NOW...I have this amazing baby and we have less money, time and more stress...ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

I can hardly remember what it was like before and am kicking myself for not going to Europe already and taking more trips and buying this 'too small' condo and being strapped with the overpriced mortgage way too soon and not getting my masters degree yet, and on and on.

However, now I can still do those things, they will just have to be very intentional. No more waiting for that perfect timing. I am thinking this is one of the many gifts of being a I really know (as if I didn't 'know' before) that nothing in life is going to happen with perfect timing or perfect planning (or in many cases anything remotely resembling perfect timing). Everything will simply get put off if I continue to wait for perfect timing.

So for this small moment, I am going to say 'good bye' to my old stand by of trying to be perfectly planned...maybe it will stick?

I wish naps and sushi dreams for you. Sweet dreams.


Brad said...

Great post, Leah. Embracing each moment for what it brings is one of the joys I have discovered as a new dad. It's easy to get caught up in the thinking that "things will be better when..." It's so much healthier to accept each day as a gift and, as you say, accept that "nothing in life is going to happen with perfect timing or perfect planning."

leahv said...

Thanks Brad!

Nartaya said...

I feel your pain, I miss going out to dinner without lugging a lot of kiddie stuff, snacks, drinks, always being on watch etc. I miss being able to run errands all at once and not having to separate things into blocks of 1-2 stops before crankiness sets in.... but you have to admit, when it's good, it's soooooo good! It far outweighs the little things that we miss. You can still go out, you just have to go earlier and tow a kiddo! That being said... I can't wait for the grandparents to get here in July so Ryan and I can go see a movie! Happy packing for you and hope the move goes smoothly.