Monday, December 21, 2009

We went out for a date!

Actually went out on a date! For the first time in over three months, my Husband and I went out with out our baby. We don't have any family locally, so we asked wonderful friends to watch our boy...and it was pretty easy to feel comfortable with that because they are extremely trust worthy people and have their own baby too...but still a bit scary.

I definetly have an overactive paranoid imagination and even if someone is just holding him for a minute I can flash on something awful that may occur...motherhood and paranoia and guilt...what is the deal with that combo (or is it just me, see paranoia!).

Anyway...we had a blast. I kind of felt like we were ditching class, ha!

It also felt like we were missing something. I kept thinking that we were forgetting something and it kept me on edge at first. Then we both calmed down and had a really nice time. It's such an odd feeling to feel like your 'old self' and yet know that you are also a parent and at that momment you are sans 'baby in tow'.

Anyway, it was a milestone and I am proud that we made it the whole movie with out checking in and we were able to have a good time. I am looking forward to more dates!

My little one is fast asleep a bit early tonight after a very tough evening of screaming because of gas pain! Poor baby! So, it's time for me to pump and get some sleep before his next meal.

Sweet Dreams!

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Merrilee said...

We enjoyed watching Emperor Dean for you and we'll do it again any time! Just let us know when you need another date night. Hopefully, Pax will outgrow this current separation anxiety stage soon and then we'll hit you guys up :)