Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Do we need a revolution - part 1

I have tried to write this post about 10 times over the past week...it's a tough one...so I will post a bit today and add more down the road...

The revolution I am talking about...is the one where we as a society figure out how to provide full time (or part time) care to our own children.

So...I was talking with my Husband the other day (and then later a few friends about the same topic)...pondering what in the heck we are going to do with the whole stay at home or go to work scenario. What do you do when you need the money but you can't find affordable and quality day care and/or you want to be the one to provide 'day' care for your own child? What do you do if you have pared your expenses down to the bare minimum and still can't squeeze the budget?

We haven't splurged on our lifestyle...we have old cars, don't have cable, pack lunches...etc...and still need both incomes!!!!

This feels like an un-resolvable issue!

It seems to me that our society has 'progressed' itself into no longer being able to raise their own kids...ugh. I am totally on board for careers and financial goals and also for raising your own kids. How do you accomplish all of these?

There are so few families I know that can have one of their parents stay home and raise their own kids.

The baby is crying...so until next time...sweet dreams!

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